In addition to being maintained in the public domain, the International Cognitive Ability Resource is intended as an "open-source" project. This means that development is on-going in the sense that existing item types are likely to be improved while several new item types are currently under development and testing. The scope of the project is limited only by the resources contributed by the researchers who use the measures. The primary goal at this time is to extend and strengthen the nomological network of the underlying cognitive ability constructs.

If you have thoughts, ideas or hypotheses about the ways that existing items could be improved, we encourage you to test them and share the results of your efforts with the larger community.

If you have items which you would like to contribute, please contact us so that we can share this information with other researchers (your authorship would, of course, be maintained). For the foreseeable future, we do not intend to set forth formal procedures for including new item types with the exception that new items must have been validated in some generalizable context.