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h1. ICAR News

ICAR News will feature short articles about topics of interest to users or developers of the International Cognitive Ability Resource, including:

* Changes or updates to existing ICAR item types
* New item types: short introductions and reviews about ICAR item types
* Development tools: discussion of useful and novel approaches for developing new types
* Methodology: advice and discussion about methods for validation and analysis
* Profiles of ICAR applications and developers

The editors of ICAR News currently includes several of the lead investigators of the ICAR Project: David Condon, Philipp Doebler, Luning Sun, William Revelle, Heinz Holling, and John Rust.

Volume 1 is available at: https://icar-project.com/ICAR_News_Issue_One.pdf

Volume 2 is available at: https://icar-project.com/ICAR_News_Issue_Two.pdf

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