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h1. Item types

%{font-size:10pt}At At the moment, there are four item types included among the ICAR set:% set:

* %{font-size:10pt}Three-Dimensional Rotation% Three-Dimensional Rotation
* %{font-size:10pt}Letter Letter and Number Series% Series
* %{font-size:10pt}Matrix Reasoning% Matrix Reasoning
* %{font-size:10pt}Verbal Reasoning% Verbal Reasoning

%{font-size:10pt}A A range of item types are currently under development, including but not limited to:% to:
* %{font-size:10pt}Figural analogies% Figural analogies
* %{font-size:10pt}Object recognition% Object recognition
* %{font-size:10pt}Emotion recognition% Emotion recognition
* %{font-size:10pt}Corpora-based questions% Corpora-based questions
* %{font-size:10pt}Executive functioning% Executive functioning

%{font-size:10pt}To To download existing item types, please click the link below:%* below:*

**%{font-size:10pt}"ICAR **"ICAR Item Types":** Types":**