05/12/2019 05:49 PM

Automatic generation of figural analogies with the R package 'IMak'

Short instruction about figural analogy making and test administration


Even though very concise instructions for item generation are available inside the package, some remarks are made here in order to help developers construct their own items efficiently. Additional instructions can be found in Blum and Holling (2018). The package provides two functions at the moment, namely 'build_fa' and 'plot_fa'. The first of these functions can be the most challenging, while the second one is mainly used for plotting. The functions will be explained in a very general way to help developers acquire basic knowledge leading to the creation of items. After that, it is recommended that a thorough understanding of the package is made by studying and using the parameters of each function (the so-called learning by doing). Two important steps to consider for automatic item generation are the following: